Personal Items for the Course

Please go through the following list of items that are required for your personal use during the course and note which ones should not be taken to the course.


BEDDING: Bring sheets and a pillowcase. The accommodations are all equipped with heating/ac units, and include a bed with a mattress and pillow. Please bring a blanket or sleeping bag in the cooler months (November - March). If you're travelling light, the center does have extra blankets available.

MEDITATION CUSHIONS: Are available at the Center, but you may bring your own if you prefer. The meditation hall may be cool, so it is also advisable to bring a shawl or thin blanket to use in the meditation hall.

CLOTHING: Very Important: Shorts, sleeveless tops, transparent, tight, low cut, or revealing clothing is NOT PERMITTED. Tights or leggings should be worn only under a knee-length top or skirt.

Bring enough comfortable, loose-fitting, modest clothing for 10 days.

Summers are very hot. Lightweight cotton clothing and a sun hat, or umbrella are recommended.

  • TEMPERATURES FLUCTUATE IN FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING. Please check the forecast before coming and bring a variety of options. In the winter, definitely bring a warm coat, hat, and umbrella.

  • LAUNDRY: Only very minimal handwashing facilities are available. At this time, students are limited to the bathroom sink or a bucket for handwashing. Clotheslines are available. Bring detergent with you. It is highly recommended to bring enough clothing for 10 days if possible.

TOILETRIES: Towel, soap, shampoo, lotion, lip balm, brush or comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shaving, and sanitary supplies, etc. Important: Bring only unscented products. Please do not bring any food based products, such as coconut oil.

MISCELLANEOUS: Bring a flashlight and extra batteries, and a water bottle. (Be sure to drink lots of water during the course, since this is a very dry climate.)


FOOD: Do not bring any personal food to the Center.



May be checked in for safe-keeping during the course or you can leave them behind. Cell Phones must be locked in the valuables closet for the duration of the course.

If you have any special needs or questions, please bring them to our attention before you arrive. Contact [email protected].